Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday's Friend - Operation Paws for Homes

Are you looking for a really cool, great, fantastic, sweet, wonderful, gentle, and most perfect dog to be your companion to go places with? To share those special moments with?  To enjoy a sunrise or sunset...  with?  

Well, WOOF!!! I'm taken! And, I love my humans!! RUFF!! But, my friend at Operation Paws for Homes brought a friend by for me to introduce to you!  Meet my friend Carley!

"Meet Carley"
Credit: Operation Paws For Homes
Michael Garth Photography
"WOOF!!  PLEASED to MEET you!  I’m a lab mix and my name is Carley. I love humans, I'm sweet, affectionate and love to give kisses to whoever will give me attention!

I get along with other dogs when I'm given a slow introduction- it took me about a day, but my foster brother and I wrestle all over the house now. Also, I live with a cat but I don't any attention to her- she sits on her cat tree and watches me and the other dog play. 

"Carley and Foster Brother"
Credit: Operation Paws for Homes
I’m still kinda learning my name and basic commands.  I learned "sit" pretty quick in my foster home and I'm happy to learn and please humans! I like children, am pretty good with them, am just a pup myself.  

I'm housebroken and crate trained! But, when I need to go potty outside, I sit quietly by the door and wait for someone to let me out. I sleep quietly through the night in my crate without any problems. 

My foster mom has given me toys and I don't even destroy or chew them up.  I try really hard not to touch what's not mine!  

I’m a really good girl, I just need someone to take me home and love me. I’ll make a lively and loving addition to any home!!

Want to learn more about me or maybe adopt me, check it out here.

Credit: Operation Paws for Homes

Thank you to Operation Paws for Homes and Michael Garth Photography for supplying information and photos for Friday's Friend. 

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