Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday's Friend - Washington Humane Society

Do you like baseball?  Do you like cats?  Are you looking for a companion who might fit along with you favorite "likes?"  And, who know, he might actually cuddle and watch the game with you?

My friends from the Washington Humane Society introduced me to a friend I'd like to share with you-

Credit: Washington Humane Society
Please meet a cool cat- Baisly-

Though not very good at baseball, I am named after the after the great American baseball player Jeff Baisley, but I'm GREAT at cuddling! 

A pretty mellow cat describing himself as affectionate but not needy! He likes being pet and sitting in your lap -but young children sometimes scare me. If your kids are polite and gentle with me, I think we would get along fine!

Baisly found himself lodging at the Humane Society after he got lost sight seeing so I would prefer to be an indoor kitty! 

If you'd like to visit with me, please contact my foster at or visit Washington Humane Society.  

Thank you to the Washington Humane Society for Friday's Friend. 

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