Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday's Friend - PetConnect Rescue

Who could possibly be afraid of a black cat or even a black dog, when you see a face like Godiva! My friend, "Cat Lady" from PetConnect Rescue brought her by and I was glad to see someone else who looks as good in black as I do!!

Credit: PetConnect Rescue

Paws to introduce you to Godiva- maybe less than a year old, who is a lap cat and the ultimate snuggler! Cat Lady tells me she is just as sweet as the chocolate she’s named after after!! Godiva’s coat while appearing to be black, is actually a deep chocolate brown.

She's got the most relaxed and affectionate personality of any kitty that Cat Lady has seen in a long time and loves to be with people! Godiva, a gentle girl, would be an excellent companion for anyone looking to share their heart and home! 
A bundle of love looking for someone with an empty lap!

Credit: PetConnect Rescue
Godiva is healthy, spayed and current on all her vaccinations.

For more information, please click here and complete the online application. PetConnect Rescue will contact you.

Thank you to PetConnect Rescue for supplying Godiva's information. 

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