Saturday, March 8, 2014

Visiting Grandma at the Rehabilitation Center

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I have been busy visiting my grandma quite a few times over the last few weeks which is why you haven't had as much to read from me lately!

My grandma has been in a Rehabilitation Center for several months now.  She had cancer surgery so she's getting some physical therapy.  Grandma is a remarkable woman- always staying positive and doing what she is supposed to do- I'm barkingly proud of her!

Pawingly, she loves to see me- pet me- have me visit- I cheer her up and I love to see her!!  WOOF!!

There has been many articles written on how great we dogs are for the senior citizens of our community and those in nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and even visiting local community centers.

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I get to go visit Grandma because all of my shots and vaccinations are up to date and I'm a really sweet pup! Also, I have my county license to be a dog in case there was ever any question! WOOF!?

Barkingly pawsome is the nursing home is pet-friendly. Smelled a cat there at my last visit- my human held the leash tight!  Since I have a relative staying there, I can go visit anytime I want- they don't card me or anything,  Ruffly, I don't think it'd be appropriate to go visit anyone I want to though- I could scare someone, and, well, uh, you don't want to do that-

Many local agencies, some sponsored by county governments, sponsor classes, seminars, workshops and tests to learn if your human can take you to visit the elderly.  An agency in our area is Fairfax Pets On Wheels.  Google for a program near you and make a senior citizens day better!

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