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Tips and Recommendations for Dog Teeth Cleaning

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Pets are often considered to be a member of the family and we do the impossible to make them feel loved and convenient in our home. We visit the vet on regular basis, buy them different toys and even clothes for all seasons. Having a pet doesn't mean that you have a fluffy toy to play with. On the contrary – it means that you have one more responsibility. There's nothing more sensible than going to the vet when your dog has some serious problems that look like they are here to stay but there are some details you can take care of on your own. Here's one of them – namely – how to clean your dog's teeth efficiently and gently.

According to a popular belief, the dog's mouth is cleaner than a humans, but it doesn't mean that dogs can not suffer from plaque or tartar, and the bad breath is the most insignificant problem. Neglecting your pets hygiene may lead to some more serious diseases. In other words, pay attention to the cleanliness of your dog's teeth. It doesn't take much time if you have the right accessories and a little patience.

As soon as you got a dog, you have to start creating their cleaning habits, including making them get used to cleaning their teeth. The older your dog gets, the harder it becomes to tame them and get them accustomed to any cleaning procedures.
  • Choose an appropriate time for cleaning. For example after a walk when your dog is tired and less likely to oppose your actions. Make them calm down and approach their mouth in a patient and relaxed manner. 
  • It is a well known fact that dogs are smart creatures but not as smart to understand the teeth cleaning importance. The tooth brush can be even scaring to them so don't push your pet too hard. Let them get used to the feeling. Don't use toothpaste during the first cleaning procedure. 
  • Get an appropriate toothbrush that is soft and at the same time able to reach the area that is regarded as inaccessible – under the gums. The so called finger toothbrushes can be the better alternative though. They fit to your finger, which makes the teeth cleaning easier and more effective. 
  • Under no circumstances should you use a regular toothpaste since most of them contain fluoride which is extremely dangerous to dogs. Use a dogs toothpaste, which can be found at any specialised store. 
  • Try to clean your pets teeth every day. That's the only method for keeping their teeth healthy. Depending on the breed, some dogs need special attention because their teeth are positioned in a smaller space. If the teeth cleaning procedure turn out to be an impossible mission, get them chew those special toys that make the teeth cleaner and the gums stronger. 
  • Dental sprays are also a good alternative if you don't succeed in cleaning the teeth of your dog. They will create a layer that will protect the teeth from plaque and gingivitis. 
  • Avoid feeding your dog with soft food. It sticks onto the teeth and contributes to the plaque and tartar formation. 
Author Bio: Rose is a pet parent to a long haired dog breed. She loves her dog very much but has problems with cleaning up all his fur- so she uses Deluxe carpet cleaners to help her keep the place clean.

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