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3 Trainable Breeds of Dogs

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It brings happiness and joy to add a new pet dog to your household. On the other hand, there is a new set of responsibilities that this brings with it as well. You need to have the patience and devote the time to train the newest member of your family.

Just like human intelligence, canine intelligence comes in a variety of forms. Even if the best breeds can be trained by folks willing to put in effort and time, there are realities that are fixed when it comes to the qualities inherent in your pet. If your pet pooch is bred for retrieving, herding or hunting, the dog is likely to be eager to please you, to move, work or be quick on its paws. Thus, this breed will also be a quick study. Of course, all breeds can be trained, with some taking more effort and time than others.

More specifically, there are dog breeds that are easier to train and there are those that are harder. Dogs such as the German Shepherd and the Border Collie, for example, are bred for hunting beside humans, and will follow their impulses and instinct. Some breeds are bred strictly for being companions and training can be a challenge. This does not indicate that breeds such as these are not as smart. Instead, they are intelligent to know that just by being cute they can get away with anything.

Owners of this breed will attest to the childlike and loving breed nature, even when they begin aging. These dogs are considered eager to please to the point of being comedians. They thrive in a family and with those living alone as well. Their passion is to learn new tricks, making them one of the easiest dogs to train.

Border Collie
The intelligence and ambition of this dog is not really for those who love breeds that are couch potatoes. Border Collies are endearing, obedient and have instinctive behaviours and herding drives that make an eager-to-please little pistol. Geared for owners that are more experienced, there

Bernese Mountain Dog
Reliable with kids and outdoor-loving pets, this breed has a very amiable personality. You need to begin early with it comes to basic training. On the other hand, the Bernie is one of the most beautiful and most beloved farming dogs in the category of working pets. They are not very tolerant to heat so this means that you should monitor any outdoor activity.

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