Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday's Friend: Dog Adoption, Operation Paws for Homes

WOOF!!! I've got a friend from Operation Paws for Homes that I would like you to meet-  His name is Jagger-
(C) Operation Paws for Homes
Jagger was originally adopted two years ago as a young pup and has unfortunately found himself back at Operation Paws for Homes. 

A handsome, athletic, leggy boy, husky/mountain dog mix about 2 years old and 71lbs. Jagger is looking for someone to love!!

A goofy and fun dog, who is up-to-date on all shots, neutered, he has many barkingly pawsome qualities:
  • House Trained - 'nuff said! WOOF!! He holds it all day while his foster human mom is at work!!
  • Perfect age - at about 2 years old he's got plenty of energy but won't chew things he shouldn't!!  WOOF!!
  • He has excellent house manners - doesn't chew, stays out of the trash, does not climb on furniture!!
  • He requires exercise as he loves hiking, running laps in your backyard, or would love to keep you motivated during your morning run. 
  • Very intelligent - Jaggar walks well on leash, knows basic commands (sit, shake, down, wait)!!
  • Good with the entire family!  Is best for older children!
  • Jaggar loves to be outside!  WOOF!!
  • LOVES to Love - He can always use a hug or a pet, barkingly pawsome as he makes every day special. 
  • Love to go for car rides - Jagger will hop right in the car and make himself at home!
  • Up to date on all shots and neutered.
  • Excellent Pup for medium/high energy single, couple, or family - Jaggar  loves to play and snuggle later!
  • A loyal and eager to please dog - he bonds very quickly to his family and just wants to be near you!
  • Enjoys other dogs! 
  • Not sure about cats as he has no experience with them. WOOF!
NOTE: Jagger came back to us unsure of new situations. Will be important for his new family to provide confident leadership and training for him.

Interested in meeting Jagger, and learning about dog adoption, please visit, Operation Paws for Home- Adopters.

More information on adoption can be found at Operation Paws for Home- Adoption Guide.

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