Saturday, December 13, 2014


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Dear Noah,

Today is a very special day in our family!
5 Years ago today my wife and I met you at your fosters home
with PetConnect Rescue of Potomac, Maryland. 

Our previous dog passed away in mid November
and I had decided not to get another dog.
After all, dogs are alot of work 
and I was on my way to being 
the world's Greatest Nature Photographer
I just knew I'd be there in no time.

My wife and a friend knew I needed another dog.
After going through pages and pages of dog information,
I settled on meeting you but you were being interviewed
by another family. 
I was sad when told, the rescue would
call if the family changed their mind.

The family changed their mind
and we went to visit you!!

Though my wife was,
I wasn't too sure about adopting you. 
After all, there is quite a bit of work involved.
There's the walking,
the feeding,
the grooming,
the training,
the vet,
the meds,
playing fetch,
and having someone
to care for you when I travel
or work late,
There is no stopping with friends
somewhere after work.

5 Years later,
I've put my camera to better use,
I photograph for church,
dog and cat rescues,
and clients,
We've had many great walks,
You've comforted Meg and me
during many family losses,
we've explored gardening together,
you've gotten me to exercise more,
No way to ask for a better 

Work? Yes.
Worth it?  Yes, every penny, every minute.

Dad and Mom


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