Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas

Our Hope was Born in Winter

What are you hoping for this Christmas? Joy, peace, love, a miracle?

There was a time when God’s people hoped and waited for a miracle. The miracle of a savior, a king, a deliverer.

What they got was a star in the night sky, a chorus of angels and a tiny baby.

A baby born to a teenage girl, not a queen; born in a stable, not a palace; and surrounded by animals instead of servants.

Think about it, at God’s command, and at just the right and perfect moment in time, God gave the world the greatest miracle of all, His Son, Jesus, the Hope of the World, the Everlasting Promise, the Messiah.

The King isn’t coming, He’s here, the Hope of the World is waiting for you, the arms of Jesus are outstretched to draw you into the warmth of His loving embrace.

For Christmas this year, count your blessings, follow your star, and believe, because miracles do happen.

"Used by Permission, Christian Clipart"

Written for me by my human's sister: (C) Kim Kirby, 2014

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