Monday, December 29, 2014

Year-End Giving Benefit Dogs and Cats

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WOOF! Are you looking for a way to make that year end donation? Barkingly pawsome!

My human and I support several pawtacular dog and cat rescues, shelters and charities throughout the year by photography and writing.  My human photographs while I do most of the writing- it's better coming from a dog- a rescued dog who rescued his humans and live very happily ever after!  WOOF!!!!

Did you know that running a rescue, shelter or charity is an expensive undertaking while the investment is often farther reaching than saving the dog or
cat. In many cases, the humans lives who adopt the dogs or cats are touched in many unexplainable ways. Not to mention how happy the dog or cat are to have their own humans and home.

One way is companionship and love.  My humans were beginning a long journey of caring for their parents. Little did they know, or me either, that I would become an important part of the family during times of loss, grieving, exercising and family fun.

Many humans will say that adopting a dog or cat through a rescue is expensive- it's really not if you consider what's involved- behind the scenes before you ever see the guy you want to adopt.  There are travel expenses to a safe place, there are food and water expenses, there are grooming expenses, there are housing expenses, there are veterinarian expenses -though we are very thankful for reduced rates and sometimes even free treatments.

The rescues we work with have all volunteer staff.  No one gets paid for the work they do.  My human donates his time to photograph, I donate mine to blog.  We work together to help the dogs and cats get adopted.

One group we photograph for, as needed, does an extremely pawsome job helping our military service men and women find dogs that assist them in life- not service dogs or therapy dogs- though many of us are therapy for our humans- but the love of the dogs help the servicemen and women adjust to life, keep them company, you name it.  It's a wonderful organization, Pets for Patriots.

Woofly, not everyone can adopt.  There are many reasons that some humans can't adopt right now.  If that's you, there are many other ways to support.  You can donate financially, any amount will help and you can do it in honor or memory of a pet or a human.  You can volunteer your time and you can donate much needed resources such as blankets, towels, and rags.  Or, check out the "needed items" lists on a rescues/charities website and go from there.

And, you can donate your time.  As a volunteer who does this on a regular basis, you can help many dogs and cats while on their way to their "Forever Homes."  Contact one of the rescues I have included about volunteering- I'm sure they will be happy to have you.  Or, visit this link which will direct you to a place to volunteer.

I am a rescued dog.  I am thankful a lady from PetConnect Rescue saw me and brought me to Maryland via small plane with Pilots N Paws.  I am thankful for the foster who took me in her home, kept me, fed me, allowed me to stay until my human found me.

My humans and I are thankful for the donations of many who made this possible.  Barkingly, I am not the only dog or cat who can share this story.

Here is a list of rescues and charities we support and would like to suggest for year-end donations!  BARK!  Or, even all year donations!!! WOOF!!!  I've listed them in alphabetical order- no special barks or meows.

Bark! Donations need to be made by December 31, 2014, to be included in the current year's (2014) tax deductions.  Postmarked by December 31, 2014 if you are mailing a donation. WOOF!


Thank you for supporting dogs and cats and your fellow humans.  RUFF!!!!!!

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