Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday's Friend: Cat Adoption, PetConnect Rescue

 WOOF!! Glad its the weekend- my human and I have been busy planning to do stuff together all weekend. I make great company for him and mom and he does for me- the beauty of dog adoption and cat adoption. Adopting a cat adds a delight to your weekends, as well as the rest of your life. WOOF!! er, MEOW!!!! arf? 
(C) PetConnect Rescue

My friend Cat Lady from PetConnect Rescue brought a cool named named Dorrie for you to meet-

Dorrie is only 7 weeks old, mostly black kitten with really cool greenish eyes, already the life of the party!

Right now, she's a bit small, I had to be careful where I stepped and how loud I barked, she weighs 1.5 lbs. and has a lot of growing to do!

Dorrie was left in a basket at a local vet's office and then ended up in the care of Petconnect Rescue. WOOF!! WOOF!!!! Now, I'm in foster care now and love playing with a couple of the foster kittens.

Running, jumping and climbing up on cat trees are a few of his favorite things. After play time, Dorrie enjoys taking a snooze on a comfy pillow or in a cat bed. A warm lap would be wonderful too.

Due to her young age, I will need an adopter who is home (and available to play) for a good part of the day, or to be adopted out with another similar age kitten.

Interested in meeting Dorrie, please complete an PetConnect Rescue Application, and one of their Adoption Coordinators will contact you.

If you'd like to learn about cat adoption and procedures, please Adoption Procedures.


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