Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday's Friend: Dog Adoption, Operation Paws for Homes

WOOF!!!!!!  Happy Friday!!  Got any pawsome plans for the weekend?  My human and I will probably go for a few nice long walks, work on the church grounds and go for a ride or two!  WOOF!!!

Dog adoption not only helps a dog needing a home and someone to share their love with, but the human benefits with having a companion to take places. I've become an important part of my humans family- THEY could NOT live without me, all because of dog adoption and a rescue organization.

A fiesty young lady came to visit me this week wanting to be introduced to you - she is from Operation Paws for Homes, her name is Patsy Cline!

"Patsy Cline"
(C) Operation Paws for Homes
Sweet Patsy is a Collie Mix, weights about 19.5 lbs. and is 13 weeks old.  And, is she ever ready to have some fun with her humans!  WOOF!!!  She is barkingly the right size- she can run with the big dogs and fit in with the small!

Patsy is house and crate trained. A smart girl, she is anxious for one on one training and attention!

"Patsy Cline"
(C) Operation Paws for Homes
A favorite moment her foster has with her is "how she lays on her side next to me trying not to fall asleep when I am busy on the computer - she wants to keep me company, and look alert, but her sweet eyes close and when she awakes, she looks a bit apologetic."

As Patsy is a young pup, she will require an adopter who isn't gone more than 4 hours at one time so her training can continue- no exceptions on this!

Barkingly,with her small size and young age, it's recommended that she goes to a home with children who are respectful of that and know tails are NOT for pulling!  WOOF!!

She is up-to-date on age appropriate vaccines and is already spayed.

Interested in meeting this sweetheart of a pup? You can do so by completing the Operation Paws for Homes Application.

Learn about dog adoption by visiting Operation Paws for Homes Adoption Guide.

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