Friday, October 16, 2015

Friday's Friend: Cat Adoption, Fancy Cats Rescue

WOOF!! WOOF!! Happy Friday!

A barkingly, meowing, purrfect welcome to our new friends at Fancy Cats Rescue!  I am looking forward to working with them more and meeting more cats to introduce to you and help find "Forever Homes!"

This week, I've met a pawderful cat named Cappy.  A fine handsome gentleman who is looking for a "Forever Home!"

(C) Fancy Cats Rescue

A friendly character who enjoys being around humans.  Cappy likes to be pet on his head and having his ears rubbed though he prefers you to leave his sides and belly alone.

Cappy will sit with you on your couch and sleep in your bed.

Pawsingly, he enjoys his time alone too- sounds like my human!  WOOF!!

Excellent litter box manners and using a scratching post, instead of the furniture are two more traits which make Cappy purrfect.

Cappy will need an experienced adopted who be understanding and patient.  As he's spent a few years on the streets, he sometimes get overstimulated when pet for too long.  MEOW!  With time and patience, he will improve.

Cappy is looking for a home where he could enjoy some outdoor time with you hanging out nearby!  A home away from busy streets and noise would be pawfect.   Barkingly, he prefers to be the only animal so he can have all the attention.

Interested in meeting Cappy and learning about cat adoption?  For more information about adoption procedures and to submit an adoption application, please visit!

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