Friday, October 16, 2015

Friday's Friend: Cat Adoption, Washington Humane Society

WOOF!!! HAPPY FRIDAY!!  My friends at the Washington Humane Society have been busy caring for all kinds of animals.  Just keep the snakes away from my human!  BARK!

This week, they brought a great cat for me to introduce to you!  Meet Mynx!

(C) Washington Humane Society
Not much is known about this 9 year-old, grey and white tabby!  She is pleasantly plump and proud of it- she is deceivingly agile for size too!  MEOW!! She's surprised the Georgia Avenue staff when they come into the office in the mornings, they will find her at the top of the cat tree!  PURR!!

She loves going to town on her beloved scratching post- she will put her entire self into it, including her chubby little rump!  arf?!  After she's done, she'll plop down right on top of the cardboard scratcher and take a snooze.

In the beginning of getting to know you, she will be a bit standoffish.  Once you've earned her affection, you will have it for life!

Mynx is looking for a calm, quiet and loving home.  The stay at the adoption center has been particularly hard on her.  She wants a pawsome human and home to call her own!  ARF? er, MEOW, sorry.

She would love to be the only kitty in your life, as she thinks she deserves all of your attention and I agree and the volunteers at Washington Humane Society agree- what more could a human want!  

As a Hidden Gem, she gets her own volunteers who spend extra time with her to work with her on basic training needs. The program helps her to be be pawfectly ready to settle into her new "Forever Home."

As an extra "thank you" for taking her home, her adoption fees have been waived. Standard adoption procedures apply.

Interested in meeting Mynx, she is at tje Washington Humane Society's Georgia Avenue Adoption Center today!  For details meeting Mynx and learning about cat adoption, please visit, Washington Humane Society Adopt!!

Not ready to adopt? Consider sponsoring an animal!


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