Monday, October 26, 2015

Uh? Woof? Arf? and maybe a Bark or Two? - Moving with Your Dog

Once again, my humans are up to something again! Pawsley, mom isn't traveling for work anymore- WOOF!! Dad usually doesn't travel without mom and probably me! arf? I don't see suitcases out and a hush of trying to pack behind my paws but this time, there's no suitcases. And, no paw of secrecy. arf?
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Seems to be quite a bit of planning going on. Dad's been busy going several places, going out and coming back. Mom's been busy with paperwork and looking at stuff online.

Mom and Dad met with this really nice lady PJ Riner and she took them a few places- and I had to stay home! arf?!

At first, it seemed like Dad had become a crazy man! Become?  Not the best choice of words since he's there but I don't want to say anything he might hear so I'll just watch him.

Hmmmmmmm- he's getting ready to go out again but this time he wants me to go with him.  We're probably going around the block since we haven't walked today.  WOOF!!!  He needs the exercise!!! BARK!

RUFF? ARF?  Why is Dad putting my seat harness on?  GOING FOR A RIDE!!! WOOF!!! This is great- WOOF!  And, Mom is joining us too.  Rides are more fun with her-

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We travel awhile and come to this house- I think we've gone to the next state. Curious, I take a look around. Not sure, I'll have to sniff around to be sure.  We get out of the car and dad lets me in like he owns the place!  Not too sure about this- but I trust my humans so if Mom goes in, I will too- WOOF!!

My humans let me out in the backyard, which is about the size of the one at the house we live in?  I run around, roll in the grass, listen to the barks of the neighbor dogs- pawingly welcoming- and run the fence line with the buddy next door.  Hey this is fun!  WOOF!!!

Barkingly, I learn the neighbor dog's name is Jersey, she's from Operation Paws for Homes, and on the other side is Bo and Leo, not sure where they are from.

My humans bring me in the house, which is strange as they've never taken me to someone's house, besides my grandparents.  I take advantage of this and take a good look around.   Nice home, I hear Dad and Mom say they will put this here and that there!

I notice one of my pillows is in the family room.  I go and sniff it out to be sure- am wondering if I am loosing my home and am going to live with other humans.

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I overhear Mom and Dad talking about whether I enjoyed the visit to the house.  I have a perplexed look on my face and Dad notices it. Dad reaches down to pet my head, "What do you think of our new home Noah?" "arf?"

We take a few more trips out there and back. One of Dad's friends help move several items from Dad's studio to the house. Each time we go, Dad takes me with him. This is really cool. And, when he's had to work on grandpa's house, I got to go too.

Each time we've made a trip out to the house, Dad has taken a few of my toys or other stuff for me.

As it turns Dad, my humans are moving out of the city, crazy area to a simplier quieter place to live.  To prepare me for the change, my humans did several things for me:
  • Taking me to visit the new house-  Every chance my humans had, they would take me with them so I could check the new place out.
  • Showed me my new yard- My humans took me out in the backyard of the new house and let me run around and play.  I got to meet the neighbor dogs and run the fence line with them.
  • Helped with the move- Instead of kenneling me while they moved, Dad kept me with him as much as possible.  There were a few times when he had to put me in my travel crate for awhile as he was really busy and concerned I might chase that really hot Collie across the way (WOOF!).  Or even the sweet girl next door could get my attention-
    • This may not be a good option for you- only you know what works for your dog, consider:
      • Hiring a pet sitter to keep the dog occupied.
      • Place your dog in an empty room with their favorite toys, a pillow, a favorite bed.  Post a sign on the door, "DO NOT OPEN DOOR- DO NOT LET PET OUT!"
      • If you can crate your dog, place a blanket
  • Pack the dog treats, food, bowls, favorite toys- Make sure to place these items in a clearly labeled box so you can find them quickly at the new place.  If pawsible, carry them with you so they are at the ready. Barkingly, keep a toy or two with you - always!
  • Don't wash toys, blankets or pillows- take these items to the new house as they were in the previous home.  The familiar smell will help settle any concerns.
  • Pack water from previous home-  This one, my humans didn't do for me because I drink bottled water.  Barkingly, if you use tap water, fill several gallon containers for the new house- familiarity with the water's smell will encourage your dog to drink water.  Otherwise, stress may cause him not to do so. 
  • Dog ID's- Make certain the ID tag on your dogs collar is up to date.  If you cannot have a collar with the new address or phone number on it, at least have your cell phone or a contact's information who can help if your dog becomes missing.  Order new ID tags as soon as possible.
    • Share phone numbers with your vet, coworkers, friends and relatives- anyone who could help in an emergency.
  • Veterinarian Names/Recommendations- Before you move, ask your dogs Veterinarian if they know a great Veterinarian in the new area. In your new area, local pet stores and neighbors walking their dogs are great resources. 
  • Most important- Let your new neighbors know and meet your dog.  Allow them to pet him so they are familiar with each other in case your dog goes exploring.
  • Not the time- to change your pets routines. Try to keep the walk schedule, play schedule and elimination walk schedule as close to normal as possible. Woofly, this isn't the time to change housebreaking routines either.  Keep everything as routine or normal as possible. 
  • I was nervous- as a rescued dog, at first I wasn't sure about this change, so when Dad came home, I would greet him at the door and he would take time to pet and cuddle with me. The few minutes of time with him, helped me know we're still together!  WOOF!
  • One goof, but good was unintended- My human took my travel crate to the new house leaving the bigger one at the old house.  He did this so I would have a place to rest at both places so I could go with them as they finished up their work at the old house.  However, when we made the final move and it was apparent I would not be going back to the old house, he took too long to bring my home crate to the new house.  One night we had a bad thunderstorm come up.  It was the loudest thing I'd ever heard.  I thought the world was coming to an end!  Guess the quiet of the country makes things louder, arf?  I got really nervous and scared of all the loud noises.  It would have been great to have had my home crate.

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