Friday, July 1, 2016

Friday's Friend! Cat Adoption, Fancy Cats Rescue

I had a nice visit this week with my friend from Fancy Cats Rescue Team.  She brought with her a beautiful cat who is looking for a "Forever Home!"

Meet FooFoo!

(C) Fancy Cats Rescue Team

FooFoo has had a rough and pawful time.  She was adopted as a kitten and returned as an adult when her humans moved.  She waited a few years before finding another home, only to be returned again when the humans were deployed.

FooFoo is somewhat like a dog.  When you come home, she will run right up to you to be petted.  When you rub her head, she rolls over and purrs!!  If you stop petting her, she puts out her paw to get you to keep petting!  MEOWs!  She loves chatting with her humans too!

A special treat is her kitty kisses!  She loves to share them with her humans!

(C) Fancy Cats Rescue Team
Sitting in the sun or sitting right next to you to be petted and brushed are her favorite things to do.  PURRs!  She enjoys chasing squirrels and birds from the safety of a door! She enjoys playing with a feather and chasing balls.  She's got  great scratching post habits!

FooFoo would prefer to be your one and only cat.  She would like a quiet home too.

FooFoo would probably do well with gentle mini-humans as she can be a bit shy!

Meet FooFoo and fall in love.

Interested in meeting FooFoo and learning about cat adoption?  Please contact the Fancy Cats Rescue Team! Please bark "Noah" sent you!  Woofs.

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