Saturday, July 23, 2016

Saturday's Success: Joey Got Adopted

"Joey and His Human"
(C) Destiny for Dogs

A few weeks ago, I shared with you a story about Joey, a special needs dog who lost his "Forever Home" due to his health and dietetic needs.  Here is the story if you would like to read it, Dog Adoption for Special Needs Dog.

Recently, I received a barkingly pawsome email from Ms. Joanne with Destiny for Dogs, who was helping him to find a human to love. She shared that Joey found a pawtastic human and a "Forever Home!" WOOFs! Barks! There are so many cool humans in the world.

"Joey the 3 year old corgi mix boy with autism has found his special someone a new loving home, this time for real forever??

His new mom, Sonji is just what we all hoped and prayed for. No other animals or small children, a very quiet home, total commitment and dedication to Joey's special needs. Sonji attended training with veterinarian behavioralist, Dr. Radosta and her tech Kayla. Joey and Sonji were amazing. For Sonji, it was love at first sight. She realized that Joey needed her and she needed him. It was truly heartwarming with tears of joy!

Thanks to all for caring about Joey and your dedication with networking this special guy.

Love Barks and Licks from Joey??"

"A Happy Human and a Happy Joey"
(C) Destiny for Dogs

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