Friday, July 8, 2016

Friday's Friend! Cat Adoption, Fancy Cats Rescue Team

I paw visits from cats and the humans who work tirelessly to find them "Forever Homes," it is so much fun.  I had a cat brother for awhile- he was pretty cool.  And so is "Miss Fancy Cat" who works with Fancy Cats Rescue Team to find very many cats homes.

This week, she brought by Snowball- had to look outside to see if it was snowing because the cat looks like, well, a snowball- meows, er, purr?

(C) Fancy Cats Rescue Team
A pawsomely cool trait of Snowball is she has one yellow eye and one blue eye.  Barks, er, MEOW!

Snowball came to Fancy Cats Rescue Team looking for pawsome humans and a "Forever Home" as her previous human had to give her up when she went into a nursing home.

Snowball is a sweet girl who paws to spend her time laying in sunny places and on pawnderful humanly warm laps.  She's affectionate and will rub her face on everything- especially her humans!

Snowball is a chatty kitty who will answer back when you talk to her!

At her foster home, she enjoyed a crate break and had a pawsome time with her foster humans mini-human (+7 years) and was meowingly affectionate giving lots of headbutts to show her appreciation and asking for more.

Snowball loves to play one-sided fetch!  She will mostly happily chase a toy mouse but never quite brings it back!

And, Snowball's proven she wants to be your one and only - cat that is! BARKS!! MEOWS!!! She gets along with dogs.

Interested in meeting Snowball? Please complete the Fancy Cat Rescue Team Adoption Application.  Once submitted, one of their Adoption Coordinators will contact you!

(C) Fancy Cats Rescue Team

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