Thursday, July 14, 2016

Product Review: Tru Dog "Treat Me" Surf and Turf Diced Delight

arf. did i ever goof. arf. i am in so much trouble.  woof. barks. arf? uh, oh, no..... here's what happened-

my humans went out for an evening.... i was left alone... well, a bag of treats...tasty delicious pawfect treats -the Tru Dog "Treat Me" Surf and Turf Diced Delight was left on the bar stool counter.... not the kitchen counter..... this one is a bit higher up......

i saw my opportunity and went for it.... i'd had my eyes on them for days- woofs- bark... i noticed the chair.... set by the counter with care.....well.... you might can guess what I did- i am so ashamed.... but they were so d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s!

one of my humans friends wanted to see a photo of me eating the treats..... well, dad can't do it now and it's all my fault...

i pawsitively love these treats- humans need to buy these for their dogs-

(C) TruDog
Photography by Allen Pearson, All Rights Reserved

WOOF!!! BARKS!  You've got to try these-   TruDog Keeping It Real - TREAT ME- Surf and Turf Diced Delight!  Freeze-Dried Raw Super Treats for Dogs.  BARK!!!!

Disclaimer:  All barks and woofs are my own.  I was given a box of goodies to paw which I decided to share with you.  My human nor I were compensated for this post.

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