Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday's Friend! Dog Adoption, Homeless Animals Rescue Team

(C) Homeless Animals Rescue Team
Whiskey was brought by for you to meet with my friends at the Homes Animals Rescue Team.  He is one cool

A 6-year-old Shepherd/Retriever mix, Whiskey is friendly with some other dogs, not with cats and prefers old mini-humans.

Whisky is a playful and friendly fella.  He loves to be with humans and has proven to be quite the center of attention of adoption events.

Despite those pawsome traits, he will do best with someone who understands canine behavior and isn't afraid to be the "leader" of the pack.

Whiskey may have some livestock-type guardian breed mixed in as he has a loyalty and a fierce desire to protect.  My friends are Homeless Animals Rescue Team are still learning about this pawsome side of the barkingly grand character.

He has a goofy grin which is his trademark smile!

If you have questions about Whiskey, please contact Meg.

Interested in dog adoption and applying to adopt Whiskey?  Please complete the Homeless Animals Rescue Teams Adoption Application.

(C) Homeless Animals Rescue Team

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