Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Product Review: The Fifth Paw, An Extra Paw to Help Hold the Doody!

"The Fifth Paw - An Extra Paw to Help Hold the Doody!"
(C) Allen Pearson
Did you know everywhere my human takes me, whether it’s to a local park or in a neighborhood community, or to see my pawnderful cousins in the beautiful hills of West Virginia and watch the trains go by, or to see my human’s crazy relatives and my meowster cousins in the hinterlands of North Carolina, there is one commonality about every place we visit - seems no changes in this law or paw rule of thumb- if you have one… and that is for your human to pick up your "gift" and not leave it behind. While it may come from behind, it shall not be left behind. WOOFs!
"The Fifth Paw -
An Extra Paw to Help Hold the Doody!"

(C) Allen Pearson

Why pick it up? Barks, it’s unsanitary to leave it behind for someone else to possibly step in or a child fall on or cause someone else to have to pick it up for you- that’s just plain rude. Barkingly, it makes a community look disgustingly bad to find these piles of gifts left everywhere along the way.

To pick them up takes and costs nothing. Using plastic grocery bags are pawfect. Now, for the squeamish, not a good idea. If you are squeamish or get grossed out easily, go to the local pet store and buy “Poop Bags” that’ll work for you.

My human likes to recycle plastic grocery bags these days.  For years, he used blue plastic bags he bought from a local pet store - mostly because our walks were in the woods and sometimes he’d have to grab my "gifts" to him in tall weeds, some of which could have been poison ivy which he is severly allergic. These bags covered his arm reducing the risk of poison ivy.  These ideas should assist you in working out a way to pick up the "gifts" from your dog!

"The Fifth Paw and Me!"
(C) Allen Pearson
Barkingly, some humans will say they don’t like to carry or handle the bag for the duration of their walk.  I found this pawsomely cool, pawtastic gadget from “The Fifth Paw” which will handle this issue for you!  All you have to do is fasten “The Fifth Paw” to a leash and go for a walk.  When your companion stops to give you a gift, pick up with a bag and tie it closed.  Simply hook the bag on one of the clips and head on.  If your dog is feeling "gifty" on your walk, there are two clips available to use.

My human loves this product.  Not for reasons pawed already, but he enjoys having a free hand.

The product is made of a sturdy plastic so it should carry every size gift and last awhile! WOOFs!!

"The Fifth Paw- An Extra Paw to Help Hold the Doody!"
(C) Allen Pearson

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