Friday, October 7, 2016

Friday's Friend! Dog Adoption, Operation Paws for Homes

I barkingly enjoy sharing with you each week the dogs and cats which are looking for humans to love and their "Forever Homes!"  I paw my articles will help you find a most pawsome dog or cat for you to love on and have a pawtastic life with!

My friend "Ashley" from Operation Paws for Homes has traveled the entire universe helping dogs to find their "Forever Homes!"  Stopping in India, she found a most pawsome dog named Poodle who is a Desi Dog wanting to come to the United States to find a human to love and her "Forever Home!"

Meet Poodle Desi Dog!
"Poodle Desi Dog"
(C) Operation Paws for Homes
Poodle is 6-months-old and 25 lbs. of cuddles and lovin's!  She is loving her life in the United States!  She is enjoying the critters- 3 doggie siblings, a guinea pig, and humans in her foster home. She loves them all equally!

The foster humans have been teaching her new things including to be house and crated trained!
"Poodle Desi Dog"
(C) Operation Paws for Homes

Since Poodle is a Desi Pup, her foster humans are not sure exactly what my breed is- but she likes
to say she's a mix of pawesomeness with the barkingly cutest curly tail!

Several human families have been adopted Desi Dogs through Operation Paws for Homes.  Since these pawsome dogs have unique history and background, Poodle's adopters will need to have a training schedule prepared to help her continue to because an awesome spoiled dog!

BARKS!  Interested in meeting this pawsome Desi Dog named "Poodle!?" Please complete the Operation Paws for Homes Adoption Application.

If you would like to learn more about dog adoption, please visit the Operation Paws for Homes Adoption Guide.

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