Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween

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Tonight is a night I do not enjoy for it is Halloween with all the spooks coming out from everywhere... I am a tough guy but it is awfully strange to have these characters at my door and yelling and making a ruckus.  A few years ago, a goblin tried to scare me and I nearly peed all over hum!  WOOF!!! BARKs!!

If you go out "trick or treating" tonight, pawlease be careful, I want to see all my human and mini-human buddies around the neighborhood tomorrow and don't want to hear of anyone getting hurt.  Be sure to look both ways before crossing the street- some drivers don't pay attention, carry a flashlight or wear something reflective so humans and drivers in cars can see you easier.  And, wait until you get home and your parents inspect your treats before eating anything.  BARKs!!

Fido doesn't need to go with you tonight.  He won't enjoy all the spooks along the way.  Sometimes candy is dropped along the way through the night and Fido might eat it- so leave him home!

Humans, as you drive through the neighborhoods tonight, be especially alert for mini-humans who might dart out from everywhere to go after candy or meet up with a friend!  

However you celebrate tonight, be careful and have paws of fun.  My humans and I are celebrating the evening quietly together. They have bought me some special treats to munch on-!

Happy Halloween

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