Friday, December 9, 2016

Friday's Friend! Dog Adoption, Cat Adoption, Homeless Animals Rescue Team

Have you met my friends at Homeless Animals Rescue Team?  They are pawsome humans and brought by several dogs and cats for you to meet!

Barks!  Meet Coco Puff!
"CoCo Puff!"
(C) Homeless Animals Rescue Team

CoCo Puff is an 8 year-old Australian Shepherd! She is a pawsitively sweetheart of a gal.

Coco Puff has some health issues with fatty tumors on her chest. Though they aren't a problem for her, they do bother humans. WOOF!

A most affectionate character, CoCo Puff is a responsive dog who like interacting with humans and other dogs.

Barkingly unfortunate, CoCo Puff's humans fell on very hard times and had to give up their dogs. The volunteers at the shelter where she was taken, loved her so much they worked tirelessly to find a rescue to help her.
Coco has a buddy named Tapainga (Tappy). They would like to be adopted together but it's not required as each could live on their own! 

Have questions about CoCo Puff?  Please contact Shira.  

If you would like to meet CoCo Puff and learn more about dog adoption, please visit Homeless Animals Rescue Team

My next friend from Homeless Animals Rescue Team is Diesl, a 7-year-old purebred Beagle!

(C) Homeless Animals Rescue Team
After coming to Homeless Animals Rescue Team, Diesl is one happy hound!  WOOFS! BARK!!!

A gentle and loving fella, Diesl enjoys spending time with humans and his foster brother! 

Though he is 7, he still has a pawsome playful streak and enjoys toys and a friendly play with his dog friends! Diesl is a fit fella, barkingly, he does have a heart condition which will require surgery for him to live a full, healthy life!

Diesl loves going for walks and hikes. He does very well on a leash. 

He is good with mini-humans and is a neighborhood favorite!  He melts the hearts of humans who meet him. 

If you have questions about Diesl, please contact Meg.

Interested in meeting Diesl and learning about dog adoption? Please complete the Homeless Animals Rescue Team Adoption Application.

And, meet my beautiful friend fair Maiden Margaret!  She came to Homeless Animals Rescue Team due to her human being unable to care for her.  

She is looking for some pawsome humans to love, share life with and a "Forever Home."  

Do you have questions about Maiden Margaret? Please contact Kim!

Interested in adopting Maiden Margaret and learning more about cat adoption?  Please complete the Homeless Animals Rescue Team Adoption Application

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