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Year-End Giving, Tax Deductions 2016

BARKS!!! The end of the year is fast approaching!  It's been an interestingly challenging fast year!  Paws, to celebrate the good moments and the fun you had!

As 2016 comes to a close, are you looking to make donations for the 2016 tax year?  BARKS!! Why not put your donations to pawcellent use by supporting the pawsome work of the local dog and cat animal rescues - like those who do work right where you live?  I know they can always use cash, gift cards and many have "wish lists" of items they need and some are frequently used!

Homeless Animals Rescue Team, is a no-kill animal rescue which takes in unwanted, abused, older, sick, injured, and readily adoptable dogs and cats.

A team of volunteers help humans requiring assistance relating to their pets due to their failing health, financial reverses, or other personal circumstances. Barkingly, as possible, they work with senior and indigent persons enabling them to keep their companion animals, helps those unable to keep their pets by finding a responsible and loving new home for the animal and helps humans who rescue a dog or cat in distress, but are unable to provide long-term care.

To donate, please visit their website at,, call 703-691-HART, or email

I have enjoyed conversations, events and laughs with "Lab Lady" this year who is with Lab Rescue of the L.R.C.P., Inc., a pawsome volunteer organization which rescues, fosters and places homeless, abused, and/or abandoned Labrador Retrievers and provide a referral services for humans seeking to place their Labradors in new homes.

Labradors are evaluated for temperament and placed with foster families where they are loved, exercised, and further evaluated while awaiting adoption. All dogs are provided necessary shots, heartworm tests and spaying or neutering.

To donate, please visit their website at,, call (301) 299-6756, or email

My friend "Great Dane Dame" and I have had a pawsome year with the Great Danes she's introduced me to quite often.

The Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League is staffed by volunteers who assist humans and Great Danes and Great Dane mixes. Humans are those wanting the companionship of a Great Dane or just dogs in general. Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League provides care, medical treatment and training/socialization for dogs abandoned, neglected, and/or abused by their previous owners.

To donate, please visit their website at,, call (703) 644-8009, or email

This year, I've made several friends with several humans at Operations Paws for Homes. "Miss Ashley," "Miss Joanne," Miss Never Dunn Rescuing," and I can't forget "Miss Anna" who asks my human to photograph all of her new dog friends.

Operation Paws for Homes is a volunteer organization devoted to the rescue, rehabilitation, and placement of dogs who have overcome great odds and deserve loving “Forever Homes.”

The dogs are rescued from overcrowded high kill shelters in primarily in South and North Carolina and Virginia. A few international dogs are rescued through partnering with shelters and rescues in India and Turks and Caicos.

To donate, please visit their website at:, or email

One of my newest friends this year are volunteers with Paws for Seniors who work with senior dogs and cats who were given up by the only humans they ever knew. The primary focus is on caring for and finding homes for senior dogs and cats, age 7 and older where they can live out their golden years with dignity and love through rescue, foster, adoption and hospice. Pawsome!

Barkingly, Paws for Seniors, works with rescues/shelters to network and cross-post senior dogs and cats in their care to aid in finding a permanent home, and establish a program to aid Senior Citizens to keep the companionship of their current pets.

To donate, please visit their website at,, call (540) 748-8177, or email

Paws, it all began with PetConnect Rescue in 2009 when they rescued me and took me to where I ended up meeting my great humans who I've helped become the bestest humans they could possibly be.  Woofly, not long after I began a column which focuses on "dog and cat adoption."

Barkingly, my friends "Cat Lady" and "Miss C" have been by to introduce cats and dogs looking for "Forever Homes" since I began this column several years ago.

PetConnect Rescue’s saves abandoned dogs and cats and places them in loving and permanent homes. PetConnect Rescue responds to desperate email and phone pleas to rescue dogs and cats imminently slated for euthanasia from shelters between Maryland and Georgia. Medical care and spay/neuter are provided.

Volunteers provide foster homes for rescues, loving care, socialization, medical care, and assist with adoptions.

To donate, please visit their website at,,, 1-877-838-9171.

WOOF!! I am barkingly thrilled to be writing and photographing for a new animal organization who I just connected up with this last week!  BARKS!!

As they are just started out, they can use all kinds of donations to help with their pawsome facility, which I saw last week, and the animals they rescue.  Please visit Prince William Humane Society - Donate to learn about items they can use or make a financial donation.

A bark about them, "The Prince William Humane Society is an all-volunteer, organization whose express mission is promoting animal welfare and adoption for the homeless pets located in Prince William County, VA.

The goal is accomplished by advocating for the homeless animals, supporting adoption programs, providing financial assistance when possible and elevating public awareness.  The Prince William Humane Society helps support animal welfare organizations; including the Prince William County Animal Shelter and works diligently to help save lives by creating and implementing new programs designed to reduce euthanasia and substantially increase adoptions.

WOOFs!  The Prince William Humane Society is a separate organization from the Prince William County Animal Shelter.

To donate, please visit their website at,, call (703) 634-0880 or email

SemperK9 are new friends this year too.  Their mission is pawsitively grand. They are a bit different from the other animal rescues you'ver read about in this post so please read on about "two passions combining to help each other!" A love for dogs and a love for humans serving in the military.

"Rescuing Dogs & Veterans!  Semper K9's mission is to enhance the quality of life for wounded, critically-ill and injured members of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families by providing them assistance dogs. Using rescued and donated dogs we provide service dogs for psychiatric alert and mobility challenges free of charge to wounded service members."

Semper K9 can use donations of supplies, services, your time and money.

To donate, please visit their website at,!  WOOF!!

Used by Permission, Semper K9

Organizations nonprofit. Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law. Donations must be postmarked by December 31, 2016.

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