Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Tails Untold Pet Books - It's All About Your Pet!

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WOOF! As I learn of products I think my readers and human friends might be interested in, I paw to share them - Tails Untold Personalized Pet Books is one- First, I bark that this is not a product review. I have received no compensation or product for sharing this information. We were contacted by the owner several years ago- recently, I thought it looked like a great idea.

I barked awhile with Susan Lyman to learn more about the product and it’s beginnings-

“Thank you Noah! I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and have started several businesses. I have a love for photography, animals, and writing and I also wanted my new venture to ‘give back’. One day, thinking about my passions and wanting to create a new, and unique, business, the idea came to me,” Susan shares.

She continues, “Many years ago, I had a personalized book created for my nephew. I filled out a questionnaire (in pen and paper, as computers were not mainstream) at FAO Schwartz in New York City. In about 3 weeks, I received a hardcover book. The book had his name his age, where he lived and a little bit more personalized information about him. He loved his book and still has it to this day.”

“As I was thinking about my new business concept, I remembered giving him that book. I thought, ‘Why not do this for pet lovers, since their pets are like their kids?’ (barks, we call them mini-humans). I researched and saw there was nothing out in the marketplace like what I had envisioned. My concept was far more elaborate than anything I had seen.”

(C) Tails Untold, Used by Permission
Susan continues, “Since everyone loves their own pet's looks, personality and uniqueness, I wanted to bring their very own pet to life in a beautiful storybook. I started by writing the story. My book is about New York City, since this is where I live and love.”

“My vision for the style of illustrations I wanted, whimsical, yet sophisticated and fun, led me on a search for just the right illustrator. I was so fortunate when I found her, as she created the most beautiful, detailed illustrations.”

Susan shares, “I hired a very talented photoshop guru and an equally talented web designer and programmer. Together we created my website, where anyone, anywhere in the world, could order a book just by going online, filling out the questionnaire and uploading photos of their pet.”

After three years, from thought to concept to creation, Tails Untold Personalized Pet Books was born.”

TAILS UNTOLD® is a personalized, one-of-a-kind book, where your pet is the star and the narrator. It is a beautifully-illustrated storybook that takes your pet on an adventure in New York City’s premier locations.

Pet lovers personalize their TAILS UNTOLD® book by going online, uploading photos, and filling in information about their pet: pet’s name, breed, favorite toys and treats, nicknames, and more about their pet’s unique personality including a special memory. Their own pet’s photos are artistically placed in the stunning illustrations. The end product is a coffee-table style, hard cover book with a whimsical story about your pet’s adventures in the Big Apple.

Tails Untold® Personalized Pet Books make great gifts and wonderful memory keepsakes. It is also a gift that also gives back to the community. A portion of the proceeds goes to an animal shelter/rescue. Pet owner’s can decide who receives the donation, or Tails Untold is happy to pick a shelter or rescue on your behalf.

To create your TAILS UNTOLD® Personalized Pet adventure book, go to Tails Untold and see how easy it is to make your pet a published star!

Barkingly, a percentage of your purchase is donated to an animal rescue, shelter, or other advocacy group!

Barkingly, I have not received products, treats, toys or human money to write this- I simply was impressed with the product and wanted to share!  WOOF!

(C) Tails Untold, Used by Permission

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