Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Happy Birthday Dad!

Used by Permission, GraphicStock


In the year 1639, a pawtastic human was born.  He is a pawsome guy whose special day is today- I celebrate the birthday of my human dad-!!! WOOF!!!!!!!!!!!  I love you Dad!

Your presents from me are walking me as far as you want, scratching my ears all day, petting me all day and rubbing my belly all day and taking me railfanning down the road at our favorite spot!  We can spend the day gardening too- I just love digging holes in the backyard!!  WOOF!!!

I know all of these bring so much pleasure to you so I am pawsitively happy to give them to you!  WOOF!!! BARKS!!!!!!

Thanks for being the pawfect pawsome human Dad!

Pawlease leave birthday greetings in the comments below!

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