Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day

(C) Allen Pearson
Mom.  I love my moms both human and dog.  Though I don't remember a whole lot about my dog mom, I know she was sweet and loving - like me, was kind - like me, considerate - like me, and never meet a black bear she didn't want to chase up tree! MOM.  I turned out so much like her she would be proud.  WOOF!!!!!!

My human mom is just pawsitively incredible.  For one thing, she puts up with Dad, day and night and hasn't killed him yet!  WOOF!!!!!  Talk about patience, love and amazing- that would be her.  BARKS! She is always so great with me.  She scratches my belly, my ears, my head. She pets me all over. She makes Dad take me for walks and do some exercises- gotta keep Dad's blubber flubber waist down, you know.  She makes sure I get the best Veterinarian care- oh, wait, she takes me to the Veterinarian...... well, barks it's for my own good - SHE can get away with it. She makes sure that I get the best toys, the best food, and the best treats.... and don't ever tell her that you think I am spoiled!

So Mom, when you were out doing your Angelic sweet work, and Dad was swimming working on this belly blubber flubber, I got on the computer and created you an awesome graphic for Mother's Day.  It says-  

Happy Mother's Day!


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