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Healthy from Day One

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You have just brought home your new four-legged bundle of joy. You have lots of questions about how to train him, where does he sleep, what to feed her, exercise, grooming, and many others. Here’s one more to add: Health care. Yes, I’m sure you have already scoped out a local veterinarian to give that very important first examination, but what I’m talking about is health care aimed at eliminating inherited chronic disease.

Eliminating, you say? Chronic disease? In my baby? Yes. Seemingly innocuous symptoms such as watery eyes, itchy ears, loose stools, dandruff, and bad breath are signposts for more serious illnesses in later years. If these early symptoms are addressed with homeopathic medicine early in life, then your companion’s later years will be much more comfortable, and they will enjoy the best health possible. Often these symptoms are taken as normal, or a momentary indisposition that the kitten or puppy will “grow out of.”

No need to worry! Simply find a good veterinary homeopath and start working with them to address these minor symptoms with medicine that goes to the root of the problem. One 10 month-old patient that comes to mind is a golden retriever who had nasal congestion at night and a tendency to eat rocks. He also had a benign mass growing on his foot. A few doses of the correct homeopathic remedy cleared up his nose, stopped his rock-eating behavior, and he went on to win his Master Hunter title at just five years old! Best of all, the growth on his foot shrank and then disappeared, all without surgery.

Another retriever was facing hip dysplasia surgery at 14 months old, but homeopathy brought back his energy, and now, after homeopathic care, he is pulling his person on his walks and carrying his tail like a flag, instead of lagging behind with his tail tucked low. No surgery needed, no life-long prescriptions of pain killers and anti-inflammatories.

It’s not just dogs...a young cat with chronic sinus infections responded dramatically to a few doses of her remedy. My client was so happy to be able to stop scrubbing her cat’s eye and nose discharge from her walls! Homeopathy. The best way to dig down deep and improve the health of your animal. Give it a try!

About the Author!
Dr. Wendy Jensen is a veterinarian who has practiced homeopathy for the past 20 years. She has loved animals ever since she can remember, and is deliriously happy that she can offer medicine that gets to the root of her patients’ illnesses. Her book, The Practical Handbook of Veterinary Homeopathy: Healing Our Companion Animals from the Inside Out is available on Amazon and describes the steps necessary to working successfully with a homeopath.

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