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4 Steps to Success as a New Pet Parent

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It is always a great feeling to bring home a pet with whom we can grow and take care of. The pets teach us a lot of things about life that we sometimes fail to notice. It shows us what unconditional love feels like and how does it feel to be loved and how we can do the same for our pets and to our friends and family as well. It allows us to see the life from a whole different point of view. It makes us realize how does it feel when one whole life depends on you and you have to nurture and feed them to help them grow into a healthy living being.

We will be telling you about how you can be the best owner of your new pet. What practices you can adopt and what are the simple yet effective ways to ensure that your pet and your known ones believe you to be the best pet owner out there. Make sure to follow these 4 simple steps and you will be well on your way towards being the most loved and cherished owner ever.

1. Keep in touch with a vet and get to know everything about your pet and their body language at the very beginning
It is important to consult a vet regarding your new pet because there is no better person than a vet who knows the inside out of most of the animals. Ask them about when, where and how the pets need to be vaccinated and for what diseases. Check for any allergies or infection of the pet and consult them for designing the diet plan for the pet as well.
(C) Allen Pearson

All these small things matter a lot. Get an idea from them how you should bathe your pet and how frequently should it be done. Learn the body signals of the pets from the pets as they try to communicate a lot with their eyes and body gestures which can help us to understand them better and also develops the bond between you and the pet stronger. Mark it on the calendar, put a reminder, do anything but make sure that you bring your pet to the vet for an annual check-up at least.
Don't ever self-diagnose if you feel any irregularities in the behavior of your pet or you sense something. Take them to the vet immediately so that whatever has happened can be treated at an earlier stage itself.

2. Quality diet full of nutrients
Food is the most underrated thing related to pets and everyone usually tend to ignore it, always following what the masses follow. It is important to understand that each and every animal has its own taste and one must need to buy a lot of samples in order to determine what suits their pet the best.

The kibble size, the flavor, if they are wet or dry, there are a lot of things that go into deciding what type of food does your pet like. Dislikes and allergies of the pet are also needed to be taken into account. After you have successfully decided what food is best for your pet, make sure that it has sufficient nutrients in it along with other necessary elements like vitamins, minerals, fiber and other things. These things are necessary to be there in the diet of your pet because they help with the development of the muscles and bones in your pet and ensure that your pet grows to be a healthy one with lots of energy.

One can also provide treats for the pets as well to give them extra proteins and other necessary aspects of the diet. Treat can be a very effective way to let your pet know that you are happy with their behavior which will cause them to behave themselves according to the way you have been treating them.

3. Create the surrounding pet-friendly and make them acquainted with the family and the other pets
It is important to understand that you and your house, both are new to the pet and it will take some time to get them acquainted with all the surroundings and the ways. It is your duty to set your house in such a way that there is no imminent danger to your pet if they roam around and try to explore the house. This can be done by making sure that there is no open bottle or container of any chemical, oil, paint or anything like that lying around unattended. No random clothes should be thrown here and there as well, which can be taken in by the pet.

Make sure that all the cupboards are locked up and the pets can’t enter any of them and cause any damage to the furniture or to themselves. The next thing you must do if you live with your family is that let them feel comfortable with the presence of an animal in the house. Try to tell them and make them understand that everything is new with the pet in the starting and you need their help in order to get the pet feel your home as his own. They should not scare the pet away at any time, instead, play with them for some time and cuddle with them.

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Every pet demands nothing but attention and love from their owner and it is not very hard to give them that. The next and the last thing to do is to introduce your pet to any other pet that you have. Don't leave the newer pet with your older pet, instead make their meeting short and concise.
 Give them time to get comfortable with each other presence. Try to restrict one of them to an area and allow the other to roam free and then do vice versa. Gradually, they will come to terms with each other and will be comfortable as well with each others presence, often playing around together.

4.Create a schedule for their bathroom break and physical activities
It is a good practice to get your pet accustomed to different things with the help of a schedule. Fix a time at which they will eat and keep the food out for them at that time. The pet can eat it at their own pace, but make sure that you give them only a limited amount as prescribed by the vet.
Next comes the bathroom schedule. It usually depends on the age of the pet how many times are they going to use a bathroom break. Make them accustomed to a place where they need to defecate. It might be a problem at the start and the pets may defecate anywhere in the house, but it should be your duty not to make too much fuss about it and instead instruct your pet to the right spot.

You can give a treat to your pet if they go to for a bathroom break at the right place. This will encourage them to follow the same thing again and again. Last but not the least is to get some physical exercise for your dogs. Just make it a light run as you don’t want to put a lot of stress on them.

These are some of the ways that one can retort to in order to make sure that their pet loves them and grows into a healthy and loving pet. Always spend some quality time with your pet as it is the most important thing that will make your pet love you. It is important to create a bond between yourself and your pet.

Author Bio: Willie Mays is a housewife, good mother, pet lover and a blogger. Auxier is her dog and Mimo is the name of her cat. She loves them very much.  She is trying to help other pet owners by blogging and that’s why she wrote 4 Steps to Success as a New Pet Parent and at "from The Dog's Paw" as a guest author. 

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