Monday, January 22, 2018

National Squirrel Appreciation Day!

WOOF! On your mark! BARK! Get ready- take your best hound hunting stance! WOOF! WOOF! GO CHASE THE SQUIRRELS! WOOF! WOOF!

"A Day for Me?"
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Yes, a day to appreciate squirrels! I can think of one good reason for squirrels! That chasing them gives me pawlenty of pawsome exercise! The squirrel may think that I will never catch the pesty guy, but never you mind as it has happened and will happen again! I'm a pawsome hound and love giving the squirrels a good chase.

My human doesn't like squirrels because they are always digging up the plants in the gardens and leaving messes behind, trying to steal bird seed out of the feeders, getting water from the bird baths and digging holes all over the place. I don't like the last one as I am the only one allowed to dig in my human's yard- hence a reason to chase the fellas! Well, all the squirrels! WOOFs!
"Squirrel Hunting for Food!"
(C) StoryBlocks, Used by Permission

Barkingly, I have to admit, the squirrels provide some entertainment which none other can do. Woof, my human and I have seen these guys jump, run and carry on in our backyard like they are part of the Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey Circus! The acrobats from tree-to-tree or fence-to-tree or tree-to-whatever-else-is-close-by!  Woofs!

One morning, my human was working in his photography studio when he noticed a squirrel scampering around in the trees. When the squirrel got to the top, he decided to jump to the other tree. WOOF! He didn't make it to the other tree and went free falling to the ground! BARK! He hit the ground and leaves went flying everywhere! WOOF!

Did you know squirrels an impawtant purpose in the workings of our pawsome universe?! The squirrel plays an impawtant role in the seeding of trees for the forest and, barkingly, sometimes in human's yards. The erractic planting of food for the upcoming winter seasons, and the slight "where did I put that stash of nuts" combine to allow some of those seeds to grow into mighty oak trees. WOOF!

My human has a kind heart for all animals, except maybe snakes, and doesn't like to see anything bad happen to critters but sometimes I wonder if he is secretly hoping that the huge hawk which visits our yard regularly will make a few squirrels his next meal. Woof! Another impawtant role of the squirrel is to be meals for hawks or owls and foxes, coyotes, wildcats, weasels and snakes who happen along for a good meal.

So squirrel. I appreciate you. Not only today, but every day. Barks, this by no means is saying I will not chase and catch you- barkingly, I will.... I will...

Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day!

"Squirrel Eating Nuts on a Fence Post"
(C) StoryBlocks, Used by Permission

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