Friday, January 26, 2018

Friday's Friend! Dog Adoption, Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League

Harlequin Great Dane Adoption
Photo Credit: Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League 
Creative: Allen Pearson 

WOOF! Happy Friday! Hope you have had a pawsome week- I know you are ready for a weekend with your family and friends!

I have been pawsomely busy with my human creating a new "Friday's Friend" to get more attention to my friends needing "Forever Homes" and humans to love. Pawlease be sure to let me know what you think.
Harlequin Great Dane Adoption
Photo Credit: Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League 
Creative: Allen Pearson 

This week, my friend the "Great Dane Dame" brought by a handsome 5-year-old Harlequin Great Dane with natural ears named Walter to meet you!

Walter is one pawsome character! He is house-broken but needs to be on a consistent schedule. He has no problems with being alone with his Great Dane foster brother for 9-10 hours a day if need be.  On the weekend, he will be your shadow or side-kick, but really, your best buddy as he follows you around the house- everywhere! He loves snuggling and going to the spa or having you bathe him! WOOF!! He can swim but takes a while to hop into the pool!

Walter has previously lived with another 5-year-old Great Dane and got along well. He has had no problems with dog at the dog parks but often forgets his pawsome size! He has no problem galloping around and having fun, but he'll need to be watched to make sure he doesn't get too rowdy or playful! WOOF!!

Walter has a pawsomely HIGH prey drive instinct! Smaller dogs, cats, squirrels, birds and the like are not his friends as he wants to "hunt" the small animal. Barkingly, he cannot be placed in a home with cats.  Woofs, he has no problems with mini-humans, barks, you'll need to watch him as he forgets his size making it possible to knock a mini-human over simply by turning around in a hallway! He will only be placed in homes with older mini-humans as the new mini-humans confuse him. WOOF!

WOOF! If Walter does not agree with your commands or thinks he doesn't need to do them, he will "mumble" back at you! He knows "sit," "stay," "come," "paw," "speak," but "healing" on a leash is work-in-progress.

Walter loves paying with the other Great Dane in the house. He will run back and forth tossing a tennis ball or palying fetch for as long as you let him!

Barkingly, paws, Walter will have a training requirement with his adoption so he can continue being the best-dog-he-can-be! He has had some training but pawsitively can use a refresher!

At mealtime, Walter has good behavior.  He allows his foster family to eat first! He does not come to the table nor begged for food. He isn't a counter-surfer either! WOOFs!

Walter does well with crates but is still learning to use one. He has stayed in one for nearly an hour without complaining!

This pawsome fella, Walter, is great company for his foster human Dad who works from home. He follows him around and will curl up or sit next to where he's working. BARKS!!

If you would like to learn about the procedures to adopt Walter, please contact the Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League!

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