Tuesday, January 2, 2018

900 Labrador Retrievers?

Photo Credit: Lab Rescue of LR.C.P., Inc
Creative: Allen Pearson.

WOOF! When I received an email with titled "900 Labradors....," I have to admit I thought it was about something my human was dreaming about! He would love nothing more than to have a yard full of large dogs to call his own! WOOF!!

Barkingly, the email celebrates the 900th Labrador Retriever rescued by my friends at Lab Rescue in 2017! Belle is the 900th Labrador- we are pawsitively thrilled to read about that and the work the pawsome volunteers do to ensure that every Labrador needing a warm place has it! WOOF!

Belle is a pawfect example of how Lab Rescue adapts to meet the needs of dogs in the five states they serve! Over the past few years, Lab Rescue has seen a significant increase in the number of special needs Labs coming to the rescue for assistance. Barkingly, many times a simple surgery will give a Labrador life with a hopeful, happy, and healthy future! BARKS!

"Belle and Her Growth"
Photo Credit: Lab Rescue
Belle is one of those barkingly pawsome 5-year-old Black Labrador Retrievers who had a growth hanging from her belly.  The growth caused some humans at a shelter to believe she was not adoptable so her future was in jeopardy! Paws, the shelter contacted Lab Rescue hoping they could help!

And, BARK!!, they did! Belle was taken to one of Lab Rescue's Veterinarian Hospitals where she had a surgery to learn whether the huge growth was cancer cells or not. Due to its size, it was concerning that it had possibly metastasized to other parts of her body.

The surgery determined the growth to be a benign, fatty lipoma! WOOF!  She has been given a most deserved new chance at life and my pawnderful friends at Lab Rescue gave it to her! WOOF!!

Belle surgery expenses were paid by donations from pawsome dog lovers who want to see them become-all-the dog-they-can-be! WOOF! If you would like to donate to Belle's surgery expenses, pawlease visit Lab Rescue, Sponsor Belle.

Belle's beautiful smile along with the before and after photos of her tummy shows she is a most happy dog and Lab Rescue has made her life more comfortable! 

In a few weeks, Belle will be looking for her "Forever Home." She will be looking for a pawsome human being who can give her pawlenty of belly rubs! Maybe our friend "Lab Lady" will bring her by to be featured in my "Friday's Friend" column. 

Another pawsome fella who received assistance from Lab Rescue is Sarge! 

Sarge was a gift from a man to his girlfriend who suffered from neglect after the relationship ended. woof. He lived outside in a yard full of construction equipment and materials. 

Like most pawsome and curious 1-year-old Labradors, Sarge entertained himself and managed to cause a serious cut which his human allowed to fester.  Animal Control had to take him from his home and find a safe place for him. 

Sarge contacted Lab Rescue who said "yes" and got him the surgery he needed and treated his infection. 

Lab Rescue operates on donations given by donors. They can only say "YES" when they have the funds to meet the needs of these pawsome Labradors. 

Pawlease help Lab Rescue helps future dogs in need by donating to Help Lab Rescue! WOOF! 

Photo Credit: Lab Rescue Creative: Allen Pearson
 Donations to Lab Rescue are tax-deductible in the calendar year donation was made. 

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