Friday, March 23, 2018

Friday's Friend! Cat Adoption, PetConnect Rescue

Photo Credit: PetConnect Rescue, Creative: Allen Pearson
 It's meowingly grand to catch up with my longtime friend "Cat Lady!" She is the first "cat human" that I started working with years ago when I started writing my "Friday's Friend" posts. This week, she brought by a beautiful cat named Spirit for you to meet!
Photo Credit: PetConnect Rescue, Creative: Allen Pearson

Spirit is a meowingly beautiful 2-year-old cat with the purrtiest blue and great eyes! She has bunny-soft fur and is cuddly too! Meows! When you decide to take a nap, she will be pawsitively happy to join you!

Spirit is an avid bird-watcher too! She loves sitting in front of a window watching the birds and activities going on in the yard! Meows.

Spirit has her pawsomely favorite toy, Mr. Bunny, who she loves carrying around. She loves playing with string toys and anything catnip-filled. Meows.

Spirit is happiest being the center of attention and the only cat in the house! She used to live with a dog and got along well. She will do best with older mini-humans and adults.

Spirit will be a most pawsome cat to a meowly great family!

If you like to learn more about cat adoption, pawlease visit the PetConnect Rescue Cat Adoption Guide.

Interested in meeting Spirit or apply to adopt her? Pawlease complete the PetConnect Cat Adoption Application.  Once its submitted one of their Adoption Coordinators will contact you!
Photo Credit: PetConnect Rescue, Creative: Allen Pearson

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