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Book Review: "Another Good Dog - One Family and Fifty Foster Dogs" by Cara Sue Achterberg

(C) Cara Sue Achterberg

(C) Cara Sue Achterberg
WOOF! Barks! I read the title with curious interest, “Another Good Dog - One family and Fifty Foster Dogs” by Cara Sue Achterberg. My human and I have written and photographed dogs and cats to help them get adopted faster but have never fostered. Mostly because we would quickly become the nation’s if not the world’s, not just the local rescue’s, number 1 “foster fail!” You’ll need to read the book to understand about “foster fail.” Rarely do I find a book which grabs my attention and keeps it until I am finished it. Barkingly, “Another Good Dog” does exactly that.

Cara brings attention to the plight of many dogs in the United States which find themselves homeless, many times, if not most, through no fault of their own. In her book, she gives the dogs personalities as she learns about them so the right adopters and the perfect “Forever Home” will be found. Dog’s personalities? Yes! Cara shares about each dog’s traits, wits, quirks, and whatever else she learns about the dog and incorporates it into personalities for the bio complete with photos. This helps to tell if an adopter is a
(C) Cara Sue Achterberg
right human for a particular dog or not. These personalities help the reader to see that dogs aren’t just dogs or just animals placed on this earth. They have a purpose and a reason, if not to just make their humans very happy as they go through their lives! Also, she takes you through the sadness of a dog being returned because it’s not the right fit.

My human has had several dogs throughout his life. He has been curious about what it’s like to be a foster parent to a strange dog? Cara brings insight to the challenges of selecting a dog from a rescue, Operation Paws for Homes is her choice, bringing them home, determining their needs and learning about personalities so they will find the right humans for their next “Forever Homes.”

Throughout the book, Cara shares about her family, friends, and their thoughts and opinions about several dogs she’s fostering. In one story, she shares about fostering a momma dog while it is pregnant, the experiences of puppy-birth and how she can relate to this dog who needs a break from her puppies after nursing them all morning. While reading the book, it was a fun adventure to read about her family and get to know them along the way.

(C) Cara Sue Achterberg
And, she is right. If everyone did something to help the plight of homeless dogs and cats in this country, the homeless population would drastically reduce. If you are able to foster, contact a local animal rescue and volunteer. If you are not able to foster, rescues can use volunteers in many capacities from handlers, to transport, to photographers, to writers, to PR people, and the list goes on. Share your love for dogs and cats by volunteering your skills at a local rescue.

One of the greatest aspects of “Another Good Dog - One Family and Fifty Foster Dogs” besides beings so well-written and a good clean read, is a portion of the book’s sales will be donated to Operation Paws for Homes. That, in itself, should be enough reason to buy the book.

If you would like to purchase a book, it may be purchased at bookstores and at Cara's website, Another Good Dog. Locally, she will be signing books at:

Loudoun Pet Expo
Sunday. September 9, 2018
TO Sunday, Sept 30, 2018 
10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Franklin Park
17501 Franklin Park Dr.
Purcellville, VA 20132

Vendors, Demos, Dog Swim, Adoptions, Activities for Children, Food, Music and more!
Cost: Free to attend and park

Visit the Operation Paws for Homes Tent

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