Saturday, September 15, 2018

Thank A Police Officer Day!

Police Car
(C) Shahid93 - Wikipedia Commons, Used by Permission

I see you sometimes when I take my human for a walk. I see you when we are going for a ride through town or to the local garden center or the home improvement store. I see you when we are sitting near the railroad tracks waiting for the next train to roar through. You are not hard to miss since you drive brightly colored cars or because of the lights on top and the logo along the side telling me who you are. Sometimes I can tell you are there when you are driving a nondescript car or truck to do your work. You are there, doing what you have to do every day and every night. Sometimes I see one of my K9 friends working alongside you with much focus and concentration.

I am thankful for you. You take your work seriously as you go about. You work to guard me against crime, you work to protect us from accidents, you work to protect us from harm, you work to help us when we've been wronged, and advise us how to prepare for emergencies even at the last minute. You often put yourself in harm’s way to protect those you serve.

A few years ago, when my sniffing a scent or two took me a block or two away, one of your colleagues in another area took me home making sure I was safe and reminded my humans of their responsibilities. I was safe and they were extremely happy.

A day like today, I cannot let today go by without pawing or barking and maybe a few woofs to salute and say “THANK YOU” for all that you do every day and every night. Though your work may seem endless, my thanks are endless too- I thank the Prince William County Police Department and ALL the many other officers human and K9 in our country.


"K9 Police Officer"
(C) King of Kings Security, Inc. 

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