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#RememberMeThursday, Dog Adoption, Cat Adoption

Dog Adoption
"Remember Me Thursday"
(C) Allen Pearson

At "from The Dog's Paw" we write every week to assist dogs and cats in finding humans to love them and provide their "Forever Homes!" My humans have adopted two dogs and two cats during their married lives and have been blessed with their dog and cat. Barks! Meow!

This year, Mom finally found a Maine Coon cat she wanted to adopt. WOOF! She had a cat for most of her childhood up until around 23-years-old. She married Dad and they adopted a cat which they named "Symphony." Symphony was the one who got dad to like cats. While Dad doesn't hate cats, he loves all animals, but some childhood incidents made him a bit scared of them. The cat won him over by sneaking into the bedroom and curling up with Dad. Not too long after, you saw Dad cuddling and playing with the cat. He even took Symphony for a ride to pick up Mom at the bus stop a time or two and to get the mail!
Used by permission, Helen Woodward Animal Center

Not long after, Dad adopted a Black Labrador Retriever/Rottweiler mix who became Dad and Mom's first dog. His name was "Mozart" and was responsible for helping Mom to learn that dogs are pawsome even the larger ones. Mom having been bitten by a dog in her childhood was a bit afraid of dogs. Since Dad had grown up with dogs, with only a few years of his single adult life being without, so he wanted a large dog! They met Mozart at a church friend's house and the pawsome life together began.

After several meowingly pawsome years together, Symphony passed away. It was hard on the young couple but they decided to adopt again. After a bit of time, Mom found another Maine Coon cat which quickly became the family pet. His name was "Haydn." He was named Haydn because he was always hidin'!

Several years later after their dog Mozart died of cancer, I was adopted. Noah! Haydn and I became quick buddies! We hung out together, we blessed the humans by letting them pet us, scratch our bellies, tummies, and ears! Haydn and I would check on each other after those dreaded Veterinarian appointments. During the day, and don't tell my humans, we would take off to enjoy adventures around town while they were at work! Woof! and many purrs and meows!

Paws, Haydn passed away due to a cancer several years ago. My humans didn't adopt a new cat for a while as they had to take some time to care for their parents which happened over several years. Purrs, it takes some time to introduce a cat and a dog to each other and they just didn't have the time to be fair to a new cat and me.  Mom kept looking for that pawfect cat on PetFinder. Meowsly, she didn't find one which would meet what she wanted. She wasn't being too picky, but Dad needed certain traits in a cat and they wanted a Maine Coon.

One day, she finally found a cat she thought would be great in our family! She and Dad drove to Annapolis, Maryland to meet him. After many questions from the foster mom about Mom and Dad and the life they would give this fella if approved, the foster mom, recommended they be chosen as the new parents for this pawsome meowster of a catkins. Meow!

On June 7, Father's Day, Dad became a father again to a pawsome Maine Coon they named "Samson." Samson and I are getting along well. He loves Mom bunches and bunches. He spends most of his time curled up on my stretched out as far, or as long, as he can to get belly rubs! He is learning that I will not hurt him and neither will Dad. He is around 3-years-old, pawsomely adorable and almost as handsome as me. WOOF!

Barks and Meows, though Symphony, Mozart, Haydn, Samson and I are blessed to have been adopted by our humans, there are still pawlenty of cats and dogs who haven't been adopted and are waiting for you to find them. WOOF! Sadly, there are plenty who will never be blessed with a life with humans. Pawlease remember those today who are still waiting. Shine a light today for them. Use #remembermethursday to share your thoughts and posts.

Pawlease visit Remember Me Thursday for more information!

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