Monday, December 10, 2018

On The Prowl Cartoons - Meet Rupert Fawcett!

(C) Rupert Fawcett, On The Prowl Cartoons Used by Permission

MEOW! MEOW! Purr! For a few years now, Noah has been sharing the pawsome dog cartoons of Off the Leash created by Rupert Fawcett! The cartoons are about the hilarious life of living with a dog! Purrs, trust me - he captures it pawsomely as you will laugh and laugh some more about the antics portrayed in cartoons too true!

Purrs, recently I discovered that he has created pawsome cartoons about cats. He calls them On The Prowl! Purrs, and paws, we will be featuring his cat and dog cartoons about once a month! Meow, I hope you enjoy them. I know I have as he's captured the pawsome life for humans living with cats!

Paws, a bit about the cartoon's creator, Mr. Rupert Fawcett. was born and raised in West London, where he still lives with his wife and three mini-humans! He became a pawsome professional cartoonist quite by accident in 1989.  He was doodling a little bald man in braces and carpet slippers and named him Fred.

HISS! After receiving over 80 rejection letters from publishers, he was finally offered a place in "Midweek," a free magazine given away at London tube stations! Purrs, this was followed by a book deal and a contract for greeting cards. These became very popular and were seen all over the place! MEOW! A range of products and books followed. The cartoons appeared in the Mail on Sundays for around four years and over ten million cards sold. Meow, they are still going strong at!

Paws, when Rupert Fawcett's mini-humans were still young, he created a new character he named "Daddy" which was based on his experiences of parenthood. Daddy greeting cards are available on too! Three books and merchandise followed!

Paws, soon after he gave himself the pseudonym Oscar Wendlow and wrote scores of spoof letters to public figures, politicians, and celebrities. A collection of these letters and their replies was published as "The Letters of Oscar Wendlow."

Purringingly, after that, he created "Uneasy Street," a half-page color cartoon strip which appeared in the Sunday Express Magazine every week. Paws, then he created "Close Encounters," a range of humorous color cartoons published as a book and greeting cards. Other recent creations are "The Mighty Pen" and "Midnight" ranges of greeting cards available through,

"Off The Leash" and "On The Prowl" are his latest creations. These are the first he has launched on social media. "On The Prowl" cat cartoons features real conversations between cats! You can purchase "On The Prowl" from The Book Depository (Free Worldwide Delivery). 

(C) Rupert Fawcett, On The Prowl Cartoons Used by Permission

(C) 2019, On The Prowl Cat Cartoons by Rupert Fawcett
(C) Rupert Fawcett, On The Prowl Cartoons Used by Permission

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