Saturday, December 15, 2018

Year-End Giving! A Sanctuary for Operation Paws for Homes?!

"Sanctuary for Dogs with Operation Paws for Homes!"
(C) Operation Paws for Homes

WOOF! I am barkingly excited to share with you some pawsome news! My friends at Operation Paws for Homes (OPH) are building a sanctuary for Dogs! WOOF! WOOF!

Paws, right now, the sanctuary is concrete with metal walls! Barks, EVERYTHING is needed including kennels, electric, septic, plumbing, insulation, dog runs, and fencing. Woofly, they need to raise funds so they can continue build out so OPH will have the resources to help dogs during emergencies as well as provide needed transition time before going to a foster home.

A really pawsome part of this fundraising is for a donation of $1000 or more, humans have the oppawtunity to have a dog run or play area named after them or a loved one (human or pet)! A pawsome nameplate will be permanently affixed to the dedicated area. WOOF! WOOF! For a donation of $150 or more, OPH will place a paw print with the name of your choice on the Wall of Fame in the sanctuary. WOOF! Pretty cool, huh?!

Paws, with your help, OPH can save the lives of dogs like Tilly! A shaggy puppy born a stray, was nameless, trusted no one and dug through garbage to feed for many litters she delivered and herself. Arf, she was scared and feared every human she met!
(C) Operation Paws for Homes

WOOF! Barks, Tilly was a good mom! She fiercely protected her pups whenever rescuers tried to help. Each time they came, she would resist sending the rescuers away without her but while bringing the pups to safety to avoid a sad fate for them. WOOF! When the puppies left, she searched frantically and called out to them all night long.

After 3 long years, her rescuer showed up and told this nameless dog it was time! She gave her a name, Tilly, and that she wasn't leaving without her! Barkingly, and probably a few WOOFs too, Tilly stood her ground as the rescue effort ensued. Paws, despite the challenge, her rescuer was relieved that Tilly was headed for a new beginning!

Barks, it is nearly impawssible to rescue and place feral dogs. It is a huge commitment as there is a strong possibility the dog may never acclimate to a regular home. The process of building trust can take years.

WOOF! Watch her story here!

Barks, OPH needs a facility to support dogs like Tilly.  While they do the best they can, it's time to DREAM bigger! A sanctuary facility will allow OPH to transition dogs like Tilly who need some extra TLC to find their path! WOOF!

Barks, Emma Mama Flintstone is a precious senior girl with special needs. She has a lot of energy and tends to be anxious. When anxiety gets the best of her, most don’t understand her nervous demeanor. Paws, she has been abandoned throughout her life, WOOF, which has been tough on her.

Barks, many humans would write off dogs like Emma because of their difficulties! WOOF! Paws, OPH wants to provide her a second chance! With some extra attention, dogs like her will get their chance! WOOF! Barks!
(C) Operation Paws for Homes/Allen Pearson Photography

Operation Paws for Homes is dreaming big as they begin working on building a sanctuary! Dogs like Emma will receive a custom treatment plan! After so much change in her life, she needs room to exercise and play while OPH helps heal her anxiety! The extra care will help her find the "Forever Home" she needs!

Paws, if you would like to donate to help OPH build this pawsome sanctuary, pawlease visit OPH- Sanctuary Donations!

Barks and woofs, if you would like to donate to the Sanctuary by shopping, pawlease visit their Amazon Wish List. WOOF! Barks!

Pawsomely, OPH can always use some supplies for their dogs, puppies, and fosters. If you would to purchase items, pawlease visit for the Amazon Puppy Wish List!

"Sanctuary for Dogs with Operation Paws for Homes!"
(C) Operation Paws for Homes

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