Saturday, November 5, 2011

Possible Adoption?

I've gone through a few exams and am being treated for a few problems, then I got a few pictures taken so someone will want to take me home. I look so good that won't take long!!

I had a few visitors today and one family wanted me - I was so excited but then, they changed their mind. I was so confused. I liked them. But, the lady assures me she has someone else interested and we'll check them out.

"I'M SO EXCITED!!!" THE HUMAN ARE INTERESTED IN ME!! Who wouldn't be?? I mean, look at me, talented, hunter, humor, love walks, love to cuddle, I'm so great- I can hardly stand me..... gotta get slicked up....

They are supposed to be here any minute. I wait. And wait. And wait. The phone rings and the lady answers. Not a cancellation I hope... no, they got lost and confused.......oh no, what am I getting into.... he's lived here for 41 years and gets lost...??? oh. Got turned around and stuck in traffic. They are coming on Saturday.

I wait.

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