Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Possible Adoption? Part 2

Please excuse me while I get myself ready for the humans coming by to check me out today. I wanted to write and let you know they are coming. Supposed to be here tonight and I here they are excited!! So, I gotta finish reading this book on “how to impress humans to adopt” and get ready. I have to brush my teeth, rinse my mouth with mouth wash just before they get here, and am planning NOT to eat dinner until after they leave- I’d hate to have gas while they are here and evacuate the house- would ruin my opportunity for adoption. Gotta take a good long soaking bath so I don’t have any dirty spots and my fur will shine and blow my nose as doggie snot is not becoming. And gotta get these nails clipped- I feel like I am getting ready for a hot date with another dog…. Oh I hope it goes well… it’s really nice here and my foster mom is great, but I would like a forever home of my own.

They arrive, a nice couple, she’s apparently a little leery of big dogs and since I’m no small pup, I’ll be gentle with her and win her over. I’ll wait politely in this side room until I am called. Then, they’ll know I am obedient too. Nervous, I wait anxiously. Everything’s all in order. Here I go!!

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