Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My First Morning

The first morning in my new Forever Home! What's THAT??! I hear some kind of alarm going off! Oh, the Nerd rises early this morning, awful hour of 4 a.m., what have I gotten into? The rest of the world is asleep and he’s up and making coffee- makes no sense to me. He pets me and heads back upstairs while the coffee perks- wonder if I get any. The Pretty Lady is still asleep- and so far she’s my favorite!! The Nerd comes back to get his coffee and goes back upstairs. I drift off to sleep- not hard to do considering the hour.

Awhile later, the Nerd comes to get me. Wonder what we will do. Am a bit nervous. After all, it is a new home for me and I want to stay- I clean up real quick- the cat’s laughing at me from the corner. The Nerd takes me upstairs- interesting two floors to this house.

I got to wake up the Pretty Lady- she wakes with a smile and begins petting me- oh, I can live like this. The Nerd pets me for awhile too- am in heaven!! And, I learn their names- the Nerd is Dad and Pretty Lady is Mom- that is so cool I could howl- but don’t want to scare them!

Dad and I are headed out for our first walk! He uses a leash he had for the previous dog- he tells me a bit about him. Let me share “ Noah , ‘’’ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘’ ‘ Good Boy ’ ’’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ‘” I know I saw a tear as he spoke- must have been here a great dog and hear a long time- that’s good for me!

It was a cold and, well, freezing, walk. Why is it so cold here? Did I end up in Alaska somewhere? And Dad is a slow walker- and I mean slow, I didn’t know any human moved this slow- gotta work on that.

We get back to the house and I’m served breakfast- and it’s totally disgustingly gross- it smells bad…. Oh no….. I’ve moved into a house who has holistic food….. nasty… maybe I can get him to change this nasty tasting stuff. Much like someone trying to eat Brussel Sprouts for breakfast! I eat it though to please him. I can probably get him to get something better eventually. But, holistic, YUCK!

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