Thursday, November 3, 2011

Animal Shelter Awareness

I heard or read in the newspaper (dad says we don't subscribe but I am always finding one) or online about "Animal Shelter Awareness." I was rescued by a lady at a shelter/rescue called "PetConnect Rescue". She saw my name on a list and thought I had potential ( whatever that is) and wanted me. I'm happy she did because no one else seemed to since I was at a shelter. My story is:

A lady at "PetConnect Rescue" in Potomac, MD., found me! She set in motion efforts to come get me. I was in North Carolina and since it would be a long ride home for us in the car, she contacted "Pilots 'n Paws" another rescue group who would bring me to them. Well, they did. Good thing, er, great thing I did my business before they came to get me or the ride would have been odorous!!

I ended up in Potomac, MD, at "PetConnect Rescue", thanks to "Pilot's 'N Paws." And this set in motion a search for a forever home.

If you are looking for a new pet, check out your local rescue or if you can donate money or items, visit their websites for info. My two favorites are: PetConnect Rescue and PilotsNPaws.

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