Saturday, November 19, 2011

Meeting the Cat

OH MY WORD!!!!! WHAT’S THAT BIG ANIMAL DOING INSIDE THE HOUSE!!!!! I’ve never seen one of those!! Better be careful! GOTTA BE CAREFUL!!!!!!! The pretty lady is petting it……can’t be too bad. Maybe she’s weirder than I thought. Now, she’s picking it up! What HAVE I GOTTEN MYSELF into now?

I cautiously approach. Curious. Careful. Wondering. Not sure. I go back. I approach again.

Then, the pretty lady introduces me to my new brother and me to him. This is not normal. Far from it.

My brother is named “Haydn” after the great composer (here we go with that again) Franz Joseph Haydn. And also, because he tends to hide. Quite shy I understand. Because when Haydn is hidin’ he’s Haydn and when he’s not hidin’ he’s Haydn.

So, now I am related to a Maine Coon cat, named Haydn. He welcomes me to the house. Am still not sure about this.

I spend the evening getting to know my new family. They show me around the house. Then it’s to bed. I sleep in a crate – which is fine since they don’t know me that well yet.

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