Friday, December 9, 2011

Black Friday

I don’t understand this concept one bit. For the past several months all I hear on the TV is Black Friday, Black Friday, Black Friday.

Now, who in the world and why in the world would someone call Friday- black?!! Granted, since I am black and the most beautiful shiny black Plott Hound/Lab mix you ever laid your eyes on- never mind how handsome female dogs tell me I am, the association of black and Friday in human terms makes no sense. Usually black is like dread or bad or unhappy or maybe death but not about Friday.

If the humans must name the Friday after Thanksgiving a color, I think it should be called “Yellow Friday.” After all, yellow is cheerful, happy, sunny, and bright- it brightens whatever it’s associated with- well most things anyway. Blue won’t work as it can mean sad, depression, or boring – none of which should be associated with a Friday. Humans just do not understand colors.

While walking on “Black Friday” I was thinking about these things when Dad surprised me by following the path that I’ve been wanting to follow for months. I knew where it led. I think he does too. And, I was right- it leads to the shopping center where PetSmart is! YAY!! I’m going shopping- although awfully early in the day. I don’t care- I drag Dad across the parking lot as fast as I can- he’s holding on for dear life- but I won’t let him fly into traffic or anything so I keep going.

PETSMART!! THERE IT IS!!!!!!!!! My favorite place!! Dad is rubbing his behind- I guess being dragged across the parking lot was a little much for him. He’s grabbing a shopping cart…. We’re going shopping. I pick all the toys I want and put in the basket while Dad keeps saying, “I can’t afford all of these, just a few Noah.” I notice he grabs a lot of bags of my favorite treat (I tore into the other bag and ate every bit of it- Dad was not happy - I didn’t think he’d buy more) and food and the cats food and some toys… this is great… Dad is really happy about the pricing….. 50% off means more for me… so maybe I should just leave the name Black Friday alone-

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