Sunday, December 4, 2011

Morning Walking

I finally got Dad to walk around the block at a faster pace that he's ever done. I overhear him telling Mom that we did it in record time. He gives me credit.... he has no clue what I have in store for him- just wait it's going to get fun.

I find the latest gossip about my new neighbor dogs while I attempt to get Dad to walk faster. The first I learn is that my neighbor Jack Russell Terrier named "Wishbone" left me a greeting by the driveway "Welcome to the neighborhood-I've seen you around but haven't got to meet" he says. I walk further to learn of a cocker spaniel's pregancy -expected to deliver any day now.... the Beagle from up the street, "Shylow" says "Welcome too". Nice to get greetings when you just move in. The female dog across the street has invited me to share herbal tea and a dog biscuit- life is good.....

I have Dad moving a bit faster now- so can't spend too much time reading the gossip there will others time for this- little does Dad know that he's going to walk alot------

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