Thursday, December 29, 2011

Exercise! Exercise! Exercise!!

I keep telling Dad that exercise is important but it really involves more taking a walk- although I have managed to get him to quit just going around the block, after doing it a bazillion times. Anyway, we walk but he needs to do more.

So, I take him on a really long walk since it's his day off, and he likes to spend it with me, we go about a mile or so. It's a good brisk, steady walk, not tugging or dragging (although the squirrels along the way made it hard to resist).

We get back to the house- Dad is tired- I can tell all he wants to do is lay down- get some rest! HA!! I know he loves to please me so I take full advantage of it sometimes.... ok.... well.... most times, if not always. So, I get him to let me out in the backyard. I grab my favorite toy and begin a game of fetch- I run like crazy- Dad moves slow- but then he gets into it. We play for about 15 mins. and I pretend to be tired so Dad can get the rest he needs.

Dad is doing a great job in keeping me exercised- sometimes abit too much for him - but it works for both of us. Sometimes we walk the parks or he arranges a play date with a few other dogs. Either way, we get out together and exercise or maybe I should say.... I take him out twice a day to exercise.. shhhhhhhhhhhhh! Don't tell him.

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