Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Shopping

OH NO!! It's the day before Christmas and all through the house, Mom and Dad are busy as can be! Decorating. Wrapping presents. Baking. Cleaning the house. Getting all things ready to celebrate the big day- Christmas.

And, I don't have them a present. Neither does Haydn. What are we going to do - can't let the day go by without doing something for them- they have been so great to us.

Gotta figure it out. Gotta get to the store somehow but I am too young to drive and Haydn can't reach the pedals. Let me think............

Got it!! Mom and Dad will probably go back out shopping or to get something to eat, if they do we'll borrow the Dad's car, so if we wreck we won't mess up Mom's car. OOOPS! There they go.

Haydn's going to drive -steer. I'm going to lay on the floor and push the pedals. Here we go!!!

"Ok Noah!! Hit the gas... now the brake.... THE BRAKE!!!!!.... Now the gas pedal... more gas.... less.... hold on tight... brake.... gas...BRAKE!!!" This goes on for awhile as we head to PetSmart to buy presents for Mom and Dad.

We head into the store and look around- we quickly find the perfect presents for them and head out-

Now more adventures with Haydn driving, "Noah, Hit the gas... now the brake.... the gas pedal... more gas.... less.... hold on tight... brake.... gas...BRAKE!!! gas.....brake, gas....... " We come to a screeching halt at the house...

We get in the house and hide our present to Mom and Dad away and pretend to be napping as they come home..... "I wonder why there are skid marks in front of our house....." Dad says. "Don't know dear, probably some kids!" Mom replies.

Yup, probably some kids. If they only knew. Merry Christmas everyone.

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