Friday, December 30, 2011

Year-End Tax Deductible Gifts

I almost forgot to tell you about a great idea I heard about the other day. Giving money to charities for year-end tax deductible gifts!

Yeah, you can actually give money to a group you like, as long as they are a tax-deductible charitable organization (too many big words for a dog this morning!), and deduct it from your taxes. Of course, you know there are IRS laws that go into this and I am not a financial advisor so you may want to check into that!

There are plenty of local and national pet organizations that are in need of funds to keep them operating. These organizations use money to care for the animals and prepare them for their FOREVER HOME. The groups who rescued me, went to great lengths to take care of my medical issues and training and fostering and .... well, you name it... they did it. I love them for it and I know Mom and Dad do too since they are so happy to have me.

If you'd like to support them, the website is and Who knows, you might make some humans extremely happy with your donation of support which allows them to help that perfect animal.

JUST REMEMBER: If you mail donations, they MUST be date stamped by Sat. Dec. 31, 2011. If online, you'll need a receipt dated by Sat., Dec. 31, 2011 too.

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