Thursday, January 19, 2012

Friday's Friend

Hey!  I've got another friend I want to introduce to you this week.  Wait!  This is another cat! The world is becoming overrun with cats!!! Run! Humans! Run!  Trust me on this one!   Ooops! Sorry must have been gas on the brain or something. 

Ok, so my friends at PetConnect Rescue (particularly that cat lady!) would like you to meet Gina. She’s a gorgeous girl (er, for a cat, that is)! She was rescued by one of PetConnect’s volunteers when she was discovered in a drain pipe with her kittens. A terrific mom, her kittens have been adopted and she’s ready for a forever home of her own. Like me, Gina likes having her humans all to herself, so would love to have a home without other pets where she can be the center of attention (smart cat). Gina is two years old, healthy and up-to-date on her vaccinations. To meet her please fill out an application at: PetConnect Rescue - Gina or visit PetConnect Rescue.

Into cats, check her out- she seems like a sweetheart! (can't believe I said that about a cat- but I do want them to be happy too).


Unknown said...

Love your blog, Dulles. My name is Vega (named after the constellation) and my mom get me eleven years ago from the local AHS. I'd been so badly abused (I won't go into that) that they weren't sure I was "adoptable." I can tell you eleven years later that I am one happy dog!

Allen Pearson said...

Thank you Vega- great to meet you. Sorry to hear of your past but glad things are great now. Sounds like you've got a great Human taking care of you now. Be sure to take care of her too.